CHARIOT LABOR ASIA MANPOWER SERVICES provides globally qualified manpower service to employers worldwide. Both principals and job applicants are assured of services based on the wealth of experience of AGM founder, Mr. Renato Moraga, and his key officers.

As early as a decade before establishing AGM in 1997, Mr. Moraga has already began his diligent and disciplined effort to be well-grounded in all aspects of providing quality manpower for local and international markets. He has gained rich work experience from both sides of the human resource industry. Starting from a lowly position in a leading recruitment agency, he has since worked his way up and became a "Liaison Officer" for principals from other countries. Having traveled to several Asian countries like Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, Mr. Moraga has learned to master the trade of providing the ideal employee match for every employer's specific job requirement in a competitive and demanding global workplace.

CHARIOT LABOR ASIA's competence has been further reinforced by another top officer with many years of experience as Human Resource Manager and Personnel Manager in big companies. CHARIOT LABOR ASIA MANPOWER SERVICES today is duly recognized as a member in good standing by the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc.


To empower all potential employees to be gainfully employed by respectable principals anywhere in the world.


To diligently work towards meeting the highest global standards of both principals and employee candidates while responsibly abiding by the strictest local and international industry regulations.

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